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  • 17 Jul 2010 4:57 PM
    Reply # 385446 on 384902
    Adrian Carelli wrote:The NAFTA Superhighway, that never was:

    Even in the year 2003, a completely false rumor can end up being debated by Congressman, and end up on Lou Dobb's TV show. In 2003, the Texas legislature approved the the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) to improve road and rail lines to facilitate the movement of good within the state of Texas. Due to modern day mass communication (mostly the Internet) the TTC very quickly turned into a fictitious NAFTA Superhighway. The Superhighway was to be 400 yards wide and stretch from El Paso, TX to Saskatoon, Canada. North to South, East to West. The NAFTA superhighway would be the trade corridor for the newly united states of Canada, US, and Mexico. Congressman were asked their position on the highway by reporters in DC, and many cited their opposition to it and the erosion of America's Sovereignty. Lou Dobbs ran the story on his show on a major American news network. Viewers were "outraged." Silly as this may seem, it reinforces the point that we cannot automatically trust nor believe the mainstream media.

    I agree with the above post, you all need to open your eyes and learn to think for yourself. Stop being parrots and repeating what these megalomaniacs, like Glenn Beck, say. Or as Glenn Beck would say "Just like Hitler did."

     Actually, we see clearly what our founding fathers saw under British rule, and it ain't pretty. Now we have another wannabe dictator who just knows what is best for this country ala Chicago business as usual. I am sure  many here own small  businesses. You know, the backbone that built this country. Your environmental cause are admirable, but misguided.  Ever wonder why Obama wants to silence Beck, Limbaugh, and other conservatives who have mass followers? BTW Air America had a huge sale on radio transmitting gear, and why do you think that is?
  • 24 Jul 2010 4:32 PM
    Reply # 389459 on 352096
    Well Adrian, you are talking to a boy raised Burlington in the fifties where we never knew what racism was until the liberal Democrats in the South invented it. We all were just people living together and some just happened to be a different color. My church, the Reformed Episcopal Church consecrated the first Black bishop in the Anglican Church and at that time the then huge Episcopal church refused to do so. When our black postulant arrived with his family last year the welcome was so warm and accepting he exclaimed "Don't they know we are black?" So don't play the liberal racist card with me. Jesus said;" He who hates his brother also hates me" which most of us here believe. Also my military experience revealed it didn't matter what color the guy was defending you or you defending him, we covered each other rear ends. I am a new member and quickly learned we are Constitutionalists. not Republicans or Democrats. I pray daily for our president that walks in God's way and does His will, even though I detest his policy of destructing the U.S. Constitution,and his aim of a North American Union as was Bush et al, for he is still my brother in Christ Jesus.  I am also sorry for for the demise of your Grandparents due to man's incessant quest for energy, but would ask you to consider just who is consuming it.

    BTW Rush has 13 million
    BTW; You guys were the ones up the road lacing the fields with chemical fertilizer made from natural gas to grow all that corn that put the nitrates in our ground water. But I forgive you for it.

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