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 Founders Friday Revisionist History

May 21, 2010


May 28 2010 Founding Father's Friday continues with the founders you've never heard talked about before: America's black founding fathers. That's right, they weren't all rich white guys who wanted slavery. These men played a HUGE role in the founding of our country and the fight for independence. Why are these amazing patriots being erased from our history books? It's time to set the record straight.



 June 4, 2010: Founders' Friday- Benjamin Franklin,. There's a lot missing in what's taught about our Founders like Franklin. Did you know that Franklin, who so hated the poor, helped create the nation's first hospital? He is also often lumped in with the "Founders were racist" claims. Well..if he was a racist, then he wasn't really good at it, because he was the head of the Abolition Society, a group demanding an end to slavery.Benjamin Franklin practically defined Americanism: duty, innovation, personal responsibility, self-improvement.
Tonight, we restore the history of one of the greatest Americans ever to live.


 June 11, 2010 Founding Father James Madison was not an imposing figure, standing only about 5 foot, 4 inches and weighing less than 100 pounds. He may not have been imposing to look at, but he was an intellectual force to be reckoned with. He is also often referred to as the "father of the Constitution." There's been a lot of talk lately among patriots about repealing the 17th Amendment..and there is no better source to go to on the 17th Amendment than James Madison. Do you know about the 17th Amendment? It was passed in 1913..and you know what that means..yes- Woodrow Wilson supported it, which is never a good thing.


 June 18, 2010 We celebrate this Father's Day weekend by honoring our Founding Fathers and the gift that they passed on to us. If you're a father, spend some time this weekend and ask yourself what it is that you want to pass on to your children- not just through words, but through your actions. Happy Father's Day to all the dads..


 June 25, 2010 Tonight: Founders' Fridays continue with the hidden history of our African-American Founders..this is a part of America that has been completely erased from the history books. These things have been left out by the progressives on purpose in order to separa e us..Tonight, we come together as one and continue our fight to restore the true history of these great patriots.

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