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How soon before this is us ordering pizza!  
 Obama said we have 57 states. Dan Quale only misspelled potato. He was crucified  by the news media. Do you think there is bias in the News Media?  
 We need more Goverment Regulation!  

 The Poster Child What are our kids learning in school? Stuart Shepard from Stoplight shows how absurbed a school district can be. US District Judge Roger T. Benitz said ”Defendants apparently fear their students are incapable of dealing with diverse viewpoints that include God’s place in American history and culture.”

Can't understand the new Government Bailout? This should clear it all up for you.  
 Steven Crowder Feb 12, 2009 Called Drugs are Awesome!! on comparing socialized medicine in Canada vs America's new system  
 Ray's Stevens new song about the illegal immigration debate! This is Really funny!!!  
 There can only be one truth.   Copyright 2010, 2011  912 Patriots of South Jersey  What is Truth?
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